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MEEKS Advantage

If this is you:
* You manage or work with colleagues from different national, corporate or functional cultures.
* You recognize that cross-cultural differences can lead to different behaviors and assumptions at     work and that these can sometimes cause misunderstandings or delay.
* You want to understand and respect intercultural differences but still need to get things done     effectively.
* You don't have time for your team members to work out the secrets of cross cultural success     through long trial and error.
* You really want to do something practical to get the best from working with your clients or     customers in different cultures.

Then you need the MEEKS Advantage

Our experience shows that significant business time, energy and effort is wasted through misunderstandings and miscommunication caused by failure to understand and resolve the differences between race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc.
The MEEKS ADVANTAGE is a unique customizable program developed by MMC, where we share our expertise gained from working with many of the most successful organizations. It is based around our unique "IT FACTOR" tool, enabling participants to accurately diagnose the cultures they are working with and design ways to enjoy, benefit from and reconcile the cultural differences we are working with.

The program moves beyond cross-cultural understanding into applications – how do we improve our cross cultural meetings, how do we motivate and manage people from a different cultural background.

We can tailor the key tools in the program to focus on the specific issues you face - participants learn to apply our cross-cultural strategies to real business solutions.

The three major benefits from attending our seminars are:

• Improved cross-cultural meetings, decisions and implementation of actions
• Increased ability to communicate and work effectively with colleagues from other national,     functional and company cultures
• Reduction in cross-cultural misunderstandings and subsequent costs and delay.

Take action today to get these benefits, contact us now.

What will MMC help me do?
Our consultants and trainers can help you apply our unique process tools, learning and techniques to find the right solution for your business. We will challenge your thinking, bring external learning from the world’s leading companies and propose practical, positive alternatives. The workshop will be particularly beneficial for managers directly managing cross cultural teams or project groups, people who regularly travel to other countries on business, international team members or those with a boss from another culture.

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