Learning new languages has its benefits

I had a gentleman stand up during a training years ago and say “If people are going to live in America, they need to be able to speak American.  I think he meant English, but it pointed out to me how ethnocentric we can be sometimes in this country.  When foreigners arrive in our country we expect them to be able to speak English. When Americans travel to other countries guess what language  we expect people to speak, that’s right English.  Now I’m not saying that there are not many Americans who travel to others countries, with their translation books in hand excited to learn a different language, but many others often still expect that foreigners will just simply have to speak English.

I have found that many people who are learning English as a second-language can speak the language pretty darn well. Many times they are afraid that if they make a mistake or mispronounce a word that people will laugh or make fun of them.  Often they will get embarrassed and not want to even try. English is not the easiest language to learn because it follows completely different rules than other languages.  Just a quick point I want to make-When you hear people speaking a language other than English, it does not mean they are saying bad things about you.

We tell young people every day in our country to learn another language because it will make them more successful someday in their career.  This is no different for any of us.  We can all benefit from learning another language.  You can go right now to your computer and look up spanishdictionary.com and take Spanish lessons for free.  If it would decrease your stress in communicating with other cultures and increase your trust with other cultures why not give it a shot.  Do you feel that speaking more than one language would make you more successful in your business?  I am interested to hear your views.

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  1. Ailene says:

    Very good ideas! I have been seeking for things similar to this for some time these days. With thanks!

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